Students set to watch Shakespeare play in the comfort of their own classroom

Pool Academy students are set to watch a Shakespeare play broadcast live into their classroom.

The Royal Shakespeare Company will be performing Julius Caesar on November 16 in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The play will be filmed live and sent straight to the school’s classroom.

The two and half hour production is a tale of political tragedy and the live broadcast will start at 9am. There will be two 15 minute breaks as well as student activities between each section.  The RSC actors will also hold a live question and answer at the end.

Jamie Best, Pool Academy Drama teacher, said: “It is such a wonderful opportunity for students to be able to see a Shakespeare play, performed by the RSC, broadcast straight into their classroom.

"It is the first time many of the students will have ever seen the Royal Shakespeare Company perform.

"It will give them a great insight into the way a professional theatre company perform and I hope it will inspire many of them in their future drama classes.

"The students have been studying the play before the broadcast to get the most out of the day.

"I am looking forward to it." 

Christiana Richardson