Students get a taste of life in the Navy

Students from Pool Academy were given a taste of life in the Navy after a recent visit to Helston.

A group from Year 10 and 11 visited RNAS Culdrose to meet officers and see if a life in the forces was for them.

They arrived at the Royal Navy air station at 9.30am for a day of practical experiences including operating some of the fire engine equipment and dressing up in the kit.

RNAS Culdrose set up different stations for students to have a go at including making mock cocktails and cook pancakes.

Student Lewis trying on some Navy kit.

Student Lewis trying on some Navy kit.

During a tour of the site they were shown the gym where they were encouraged to try out some exercise activities such as running with weighted bags.

They also learnt a bit of basic first aid and CPR practice.

Nikki Grenfell, Careers Advisor at Pool Academy, said: “We spent the entire day there and looked around different departments at RNAS Culdrose.

“The students were given a talk from one of the officers who explained what he did, how he got into the Navy and what Navy life was like

“Students were allowed to spray water from the fire engine and one tried on an oxygen cylinder. He was quite shocked by how heavy it was.”

Mrs Grenfell said she had selected a group of students who had expressed an interest in joining the Navy when they were older.

She said: “It was a really, really good day. It was brilliant and well worth going to.

“It was informative as well as fun.

“I think it was really beneficial to the students and they were all absolutely amazing during the day.”

Christiana Richardson