Students impress after taking part in Anatomy Live.

Students impressed experts after taking part in dissections, blood testing and anaesthetics during Anatomy Live.

The event took place at Truro High School recently and was attended by more than 100 schools.

A group of Year 9, 10 and 11 Triple Scientists from Pool Academy attended the event over the weekend.

They were offered the chance to dissect a synthetic cadaver - a mock human body, run blood type tests and learn about entry into modern medicine.

Mr Jones, Pool Academy Science teacher, said Pool Academy students impressed experts at Truro High School so much they were invited to attend an after school Aspiring Medics programme.

The programme runs lecturers by visiting medics from different backgrounds including Pharmacists and Veterinary surgeons.

Mr Jones said: “I had the pleasure of spending the day with some of our triple scientists at the Anatomy Live event.

“I have never been so proud of our students who outshone the other scientists who attended.

“Our students were presented with some extremely challenging anatomical and physiological questions and demonstrated degree level subject knowledge in places. For example, they discussed the differential diagnoses and aetiology of cardiac tamponade - this would never be on any GCSE or even A level specification.

“Today has been a stark reminder as to why I teach. The students were a credit to the school.

“The head of STEM at Truro High was full of praise and offered our students the opportunity to take part in their Aspiring Medics programme.”

Christiana Richardson