Students urged to take part in revision competition

Students at Pool Academy are being urged to take part in a revision competition which could win them £150.

Pod Games was launched on November 1 and is a regional online event which calculates how many educational Podcasts are viewed by students.

Schools are being encouraged to compete against each other and top prizes could be awarded including £150 shopping voucher and £1,000 for the school.

Everyone studying at Pool Academy in Year 9, 10 and 11 has been automatically entered into the game.

If the school gets one of the top positions in the regional league for the highest amount of GCSEPod watched by February half term it will qualify for the Pod National Finals.

Mr McKenzie, Pool Academy teacher, said: “The competition is to find out who can watch the most podcasts. The podcasts are bite-size revision clips.

“Students at Pool Academy have been automatically entered and are currently on the leader board at number 11 out of 52 schools.

“I am encouraging everyone to take part and watch as many pods as possible. You never know, you could win £150 shopping voucher.”

GCSEPod subjects include Maths, English, Science, Business Studies, Music and PE and can be used as revision. 

Pool Academy students and teachers use GCSEPods regularly and the total number watched in and out of school since September 1 this year was 4,277. This outweighs the average 808 calculated for a school the size of the Academy.

During the last academic year 21,712 pods were watched.

Christiana Richardson