Pool Academy students beat county schools in engineering event

Triple scientists from Pool Academy are celebrating after beating schools from across the county in an engineering event.

Children from across the county arrived at RNAS Culdrose, Helston, to take part in the Lockheed Merlin Engineering day.

The winning crane

The winning crane

Each school team battled it out after being given the challenging scenario of rescuing a fallen helicopter in the desert by building a crane to recover it.

After a day spent talking, designing, building and testing Pool Academy’s team of five Year 10 boys won the challenge. They beat the other 10 teams by making the lightest crane that could recover the helicopter safely without causing any more damage.

Nikki Grenfell, from Pool Academy, said: “The boys were amazing. They had to work as a team against 10 other teams from schools around Cornwall. They worked together talking through problems and listening to each other while building a working crane.

“The boys thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the engineering event and the benefit of having a short tour.

“I was proud to be part of this experience with them and to be representing Pool Academy.”

Christiana Richardson