Students write letters of thanks to school staff

Students at Pool Academy have been writing thank you notes to school staff in appreciation of all their work during 2017.

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More than 600 children have written positive messages to their chosen staff members during tutor times this week.

Teachers, admin team members, kitchen staff, groundsmen and others have been included in the thoughtful messages.

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English teacher Jodie Phillips had the idea recently and, with the help of Mick Hetherington from Reprographics, thank you slips were created which read ‘a Christmas thank you for:’ and a space for children to fill out their message.

Some of the slips have already been completed with comments including; ‘for being a lovely person’, ‘being supportive towards our learning and always being so lovely’, ‘dinner ladies for giving me a delicious lunch’, ‘for being a fun teacher’.

Ms Phillips said: “The aim is to thank a member of staff for something they have done. It can be any person from all areas of the school: office staff, cooks, caretakers, support staff, LFs or teachers to wish them a Merry Christmas.

“It is the first year we have done this. I just thought it would help to spread a bit of Christmas cheer and lift people over the Christmas season.

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 “It is just a reminder that we have some really lovely and caring children at Pool Academy who want to say they are grateful for what the staff do.

“It is a nice thing to end the year on.

“The other teachers also think it is a good idea. They say their tutor groups were excited about doing it and it has made a real positive impact.

“A group of students will be delivering the notes to staff during the last week of term.”

It is hoped staff will want to save the messages as positive keepsakes.

Ellie, from 11FD, said: “I think it is a good idea.”