Student wins robotic competition

A Pool Academy student has been offered apprenticeship placements after winning a robotics competition.

Neve, Year 10, took part in a four-day programme to help Mars rover robots travel across alien terrain in search for extra-terrestrial life.


The Mission to Mars project was hosted by Software Cornwall for teams over 14 years old at the Business Centre in Barncoose, near Redruth.

Neve’s team included a college student and a university student and together they created the winning robot.

Neve said: “We had to design code communication to make the robot function.

“I was in a team of four people and it was a group of mixed ages. We got on quite well.”

Neve and her team designed a robot called ADA which not only worked but also looked similar to the robot in the Disney film.

As a winner Neve was given a certificate and a goodie bag with prizes including apprenticeship offers.

On the last day of the event she was able to network with people who answered questions about businesses, jobs, career opportunities and how to work in the software industry.

Neve said she really enjoyed the four-day event and her parents were really proud she was part of the winning team.

She said: “It was exhausting but also quite rewarding to see the robot work.

“I am definitely thinking about taking robotics or software development courses in the future.”

To be selected for the Mission to Mars project Neve had to prove she was enthusiastic, able to work with others and alone, able to deal with different tasks and have an interest in computer science and software engineering.

Neve said her Computer Science teacher had recommended she apply to take part in the Mission to Mars event.