History students travel to London

 An original letter possibly penned by Jack the Ripper was revealed to students during their London trip.

A group of 23 Year 11 students spent two days in the capital city recently to help aid GCSE History lessons.

First stop on their visit was the National Archives in Kew to learn about crime and punishment. Here they were shown the letter thought to be written by Jack the Ripper to the Police. 

They then journeyed to Whitechapel where they took part in a Jack the Ripper tour in the area.
After a meal out and an overnight stay in a hostel the group travelled on the Thames Clipper river bus to Traitors’ Gate, an entrance to the Tower of London.

Later in the day they were taken to the Holocaust Experience at the Imperial War Museum.
Pool Academy’s History teacher, Mark Turner, said: “It was a good trip.

“We organise a trip every December to London and over the years it has grown into a two-day residential trip.

“The trip has changed over the years to match the new GCSE papers.

 “The focus was on Jack the Ripper and the students were lucky enough to be shown an original letter from the killer to the Police. That was a highlight. 

“The students said they enjoyed the trip and took a lot in.

“I am a big believer of extra-curricular trips outside the classroom.” 

The trip was aimed towards the Germany paper and the crime and punishment paper.
Jack the Ripper was the name given to an anonymous serial killer thought to have been active in the poorer areas of Whitechapel in 1888. 

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Phil Jones