Pool Academy students step into Principal’s shoes

 Pool Academy students stepped into their principal’s shoes when they took over her job for the day.

No child has ever before dared to take over Claire Meakin’s, the real Principal, job until she left her desk vacant for a couple of hours recently.


Billy, Year 9, spent an hour doing the work of his head teacher as part of a national initiative called Takeover Challenge.

He said: "When I was Principal I was a little nervous about doing all the work but that changed when I started doing it.

“The experience was amazing and it let me explore the role of the Principal and the work she has to within a certain amount of time.”

During his time in Miss Meakin’s office he made a call to Clive Bramley, Chair of Pool Academy Governors.

Mr Bramley was impressed with Billy.

He said: “I was particularly pleased with his report on the learning experiences of students and that behaviour was good throughout the school.

“His report made me proud to be Chair of this Academy and it was clear that he was proud too."

Milly, Year 8, was also given a chance to sit at the Principal’s desk.


She thoroughly enjoyed the experience but said she didn't realise a Principal had so much work to do.

The Takeover Challenge was launched in 2007 by the Children’s Commissioner’s Offices as a way to encourage organisations to open their doors to young people.

It’s hoped the scheme will help children see what it is like to be in the workplace.

Nicola Grenfell, Careers Advisor at Pool Academy, said: “This is the first time students have taken over Miss Meakin’s role as Principal at the school. It was really fun and a brilliant experience.

“The students loved being Principal for an hour.”

Christiana Richardson