Student set to build their own racing car

Pool Academy has secured funding to buy a kit car to build and race in the future.

Students are being invited to get involved with a project to design and build the car at school.

The car will arrive in the next eight weeks along with a £40,000 CAD package.

Jack Jones, Science teacher, is leading the project and hopes the car will be fit for racing in different events across the country.

He is inviting local businesses to get on board to offer extra support to the project.

He said: “We have been given funding to buy a kit car. We need to design the body work and build it ourselves.

“We will be working with local businesses to get funding so we can take part in races all around the country.

“I have had past experience in doing something like this and so I thought it would be a good project for students. They will also be able to get a qualification by doing this as well.”

Mr Jones has created a google form for students to use and sign up on the adventure.

He said he would also be interested in hearing from parents who may work in relevant sectors for help and support.

Mr Jones is working with Greenpower Education Trust as part of the kit car project.

Christiana Richardson