Budding authors journey to the gateway to space to find inspiration

Budding authors from Pool Academy have been looking to the skies for inspiration as they prepare for a national competition.

Ten talented students from year 8, 9 and 10 have been selected to put pen to paper for the creative writing competition, called Wonderland, which could see them winning £1,000.

In a search to find inspiration for the challenge the youngsters took a tour of Goonhilly Earth Station. Paula Bolton, the station’s resident artist, took them on a tour of the site, sharing stories, facts, ideas and her own prints.

Students learnt about the history of the site, its future, deep space communication and even the hunt for alien life.

Holly, 14, said: “I never knew there was so much to satellites."

“The visit to Goonhilly Earth Station was great inspiration for starting points for our stories about another world.”

The students have been writing for the Wonderland competition which invites people aged 11 to 18 to write a mini saga about other worlds in less than 100 words.

Top prizes include first prize of £1,000, second prize of £500, third prize of £250 and a Kindle Fire HD for the top five writers.

Paula Bolton said: “I was delighted to host 10 students from Pool Academy who were gathering information for their writing project.“

"Historically Goonhilly Earth Station on the Lizard provides a unique location and leading edge in Space Technology and things ‘Out of this World’.  As Artist in Residence I am inspired to visualise the invisible and create site specific works and hope that these young people were equally inspired to compose exceptional stories of unexpected phenomena.”

A spokesperson for Pool Academy said: “The students had a wonderful time at Goonhilly Earth
Station and have now finished writing their stories. "

“After the tour, the minibus back to school was silent, apart from the scratch of pen on paper as the students scribbled down their ideas. We wish them luck in them luck in the competition and wait with baited breath for the results.”

Phil Jones