Pool Academy teacher surprised with a Certificate of Excellence.

A Pool Academy teacher is smiling after being surprised with a Teacher of the Year Certificate of Excellence.

Shelley George, Head of English, did not know she had been entered into the Pearson Teaching Awards until she was presented with the certificate recently.

Mrs Phillips, an English Teacher at the academy, received an email about the awards last October and decided to nominate Miss George. 

In secret Mrs Phillips filled out an extensive application for the competition and decided not to say a word until the certificate arrived this month (JUNE).

Zelma Hill, Pool Academy Principal, then conducted a surprise presentation at a staff meeting in front of all her colleagues.

Miss George said: “It was a wonderful surprise.

“I didn’t know anything about it. People know I don’t like things like this so my friend Mrs Phillips did it secretly.  

“She managed to keep quiet about it.

“It is the first time I have ever had an award in my life.”

Mrs Phillips said she had to fill out a large amount of criteria about Miss George’s teaching including describing an average lesson, showing how students responded to her and demonstrate how she inspired her colleagues.

Mrs Phillips said: “We received an email about the awards last year and I immediately thought of Ms George. 

 “It was quite a gruelling application.” 

Mrs Phillips was told Miss George’s application was one of thousands from across the country entered into the awards this year.

The Teaching Awards were set up 1999 to recognise and celebrate excellence in education.  
The Awards honour outstanding teachers and teaching.
Officials at the Pearson Teaching Awards Trust said the Awards were an opportunity to say ‘thank you’, to teachers.  

Phil Jones