Free Breakfast for Pool Academy Students During Exam Season

Free breakfasts are being served up to Pool Academy students to give them extra fuel during exam season.

Staff members at the school are serving the early morning meals to Year 11s every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 8am until 8.25am

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and toast is on offer for youngsters, before lessons begin. It is hoped one day the initiative could be offered to other year groups across the academy.

Nick Hamblin, from Pool Academy, said: “We started doing this in response to the wealth of evidence recognising that breakfast is very important in getting students started, ready to learn and to fuel them to take a full part in the day ahead.

“This is even more important during exam season.

“We offer tea, coffee, hot chocolate and as much toast as students wish us to make.”

He said the service, which is hosted at the school bungalow, is used regularly by students at the moment.

The breakfast is provided by Pool Academy.

Debbie Mitchelmore, from Pool Academy, said:  “The breakfast club is a great way to start the day in a relaxing atmosphere with friends and the added bonus of tea and toast.”

Jordan Pidwell, a student who uses the service, said: "Breakfast club is a vital part of the school week which allows students to interact with staff and other students outside of the normal school format.

“We are able to communicate and joke with the staff every week and it is a very positive start to the day, as well as setting us up with food and drink ready to learn.”