Mini Explorers Land At Pool Academy

Tents, torches and magnifying glasses were at the ready when mini explorers visited Pool Academy.

Youngsters from Roskear Primary School, in Camborne, used their imaginations to transform themselves into creatures from another planet as part of a creative writing workshop. 
The eighteen pupils were encouraged to clamber through foliage and hide out under canvas at Pool Academy. 

The workshop was held to help inspire the pupils into writing creatively. Kim Butler, More Able Coordinator from Roskear Primary School, said: "They absolutely loved it. The workshop was all about space and the children had tents in the classrooms where they pretended
to be in a rocket. When they went outside they had to pick three things to use to use for their creative writing. The children found it really interesting and enjoyed it. It was really good because the more they get used to going into secondary schools the less daunting
the schools will become.”

Miss Butler said when the children arrived back at the primary school they asked teachers to photocopy their work so they could take it home.
She said: “They wanted to take some of the work home to do more writing. They loved it and wanted to do it again.”

A spokesperson for Pool Academy said: “We had the primary school in to do a creative writing
workshop with tents, torches, magnifying glasses. The workshop saw them going out into the
gardens to pretend they were miniatures from another planet who had landed on planet earth.”