Student at Pool Academy Awarded Martial Arts Trophy

A student at Pool Academy has been heralded after receiving a martial arts trophy.

Poppy, aged 12, was honoured at her GTI Taekwondo club recently with The Grading Examiners
Award for her attendance, effort and determination.

Poppy, who is in Year 7, has been attending classes at the club, held at Pool Academy, for about five years. The Grading Examiners Award is only given to one member of her local GTI Taekwondo group and this year Poppy was chosen. She also gained her Black Tag belt, which is the last grading before achieving a Black Belt.

Her parents and teachers say they are very proud of her latest achievement. Poppy is now planning to travel to Derby in October to achieve her Black Belt.

Zelma Hill, Pool Academy Principal, said: “I am very proud of Poppy. It is a great achievement. We encourage student participation in all sports at Pool Academy.”

In the past five years of training with the club Poppy has taken part in competitions and won medals including a bronze for sparring.