Pool Academy Student Completes the 45 mile Ten Tors Challenge  

A Pool Academy student has walked more than 45 miles in hot conditions to complete the gruelling Ten Tors Challenge.

Danny Moon, Year 11, took part in the event this month with other members of his Royal Air Force Cadet team.

The 16 year old started months of training in January this year ready for the event.

The Ten Tors Challenge took place in Dartmoor and saw teams of youngsters walk a route past 10 tors in under two days carrying all their supplies with them.

They slept in tents overnight and ate pre-packed foods such as boil in the bag meals.

Danny said the training he had done in Dartmoor over the past months helped motivate him to complete this year’s challenge.

He said: “We started walking at 7am on the Saturday and finished at 1.20pm on Sunday afternoon.

“On one day we walked for 14 hours.”

Danny and his team used a map and compass to find their bearings and stay on the correct route. The kit they carried included a sleeping bag, spare clothes, wash kit, food and water.

He said: “The kit was heavy but it was not the weight that was hard work, it was our feet. I got 12 blisters.

“You had to be focused all the time during the challenge. You couldn’t zone out in case you missed something important so you had to be absolutely focused.”

Although it didn’t rain over the weekend it still caused some issues for the team.

“The worst bit was the water,” Danny said. “I carried three and a half litres in a camel bag and two litres on the side of the bag but I drank it all the first day as it was so hot.

“I had to use water purifiers the next day with water from fast flowing water.”

He said they ate boil in the bag meals including sausage casserole and all day breakfasts.

“I did enjoy doing the challenge,” he said. “It was rewarding.

“It was the people with me as well that made it enjoyable. We were all really close.

 “I think it was also the endurance and the walking I liked.”

Danny said he would like to join the RAF when he is older and so signed up for the Ten Tors Challenge to get a feel of what life would be like in the air force.

He added: “I think I would like to do the 55 mile challenge next.”

After the event the team discovered they had actually walked 50 miles during the event.

Danny received a medal for his efforts.

The Ten Tors Challenge is organised by the Army and assisted by the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and the Dartmoor Rescue Group.

Phil Jones