A hedgehog is being nursed back to health after kind-hearted members of Pool Academy rescued it from cricket nets.

Students attending after school cricket practice were caught by surprise when they discovered the creature trapped in the nets.

PE teachers Alistair Durant and Julian Hosking rushed to its aid with the help of some Year 8 students.

Using scissors the teachers cut the creature free but it appeared to be in shock.

Unfortunately, there was still some netting caught under its arm and so it was taken to Duchy College, near Camborne, by Sarah Jackson, Duke of Edinburgh Manager and Learning Facilitator at Pool Academy.

Mr Hosking said: “The Year 8 boys were very helpful and some were in awe as they had never seen a hedgehog before.”

Lucy Bennetts, Head Technician at Duchy College Rosewarne, said the hedgehog is now doing well and has put on 5 grams in weight.

She hopes in the next couple of weeks it will be strong enough to be released back into the wild.

Lucy said: “When it arrived here it was quite dehydrated and underweight for this time of year.

“It is a lot better now and eating brilliantly. It is definitely recovering.”

College staff have housed the hedgehog in one of its spare rabbit runs where it is being fed live mealworms and other tasty treats.

Lucy said: “The hedgehog is getting stronger and stronger and is very active now.”

Staff and students at Pool Academy have named the hedgehog Harold and hope to be there when it is released after half term.

Phil Jones