Pool Academy students praised by officials after two-day expedition

Pool Academy students have been praised by officials after completing a two-day expedition near Newquay.

A group from Year 9 and 10 spent the weekend navigating and camping in the Crantock area for their Duke of Edinburgh Award recently.

Despite varying weather conditions they completed their trip successfully and impressed the official examiner who was assessing their efforts.

Students began their trip on Saturday morning and walked about 14 kilometres a day while carrying out research projects.

They used stoves to cook their own meals, including pasta and cheese, sausage and beans and chocolate pudding, and slept in tents.

They didn’t arrive home until 5pm Sunday night.

Sarah Jackson, Pool Academy Learning Facilitator, said: “We had 16 students who spent two days navigating and camping. During the weekend there was a mixture of rain, wind and sunshine.

“They coped well with the different weather conditions.

“They all managed themselves well and came back exhausted.

“The examiner was so pleased with the group. In his report he advised all the students move up to the silver award.”

John Larke, DofE Accredited Expedition Assessor, said: “The teams were all very well integrated. It was very noticeable how they all looked after each other and worked as a team.

“As an assessor I go around assessing various teams from various organisations and certainly in my opinion the quality of training they received from Sarah before the expedition is of the highest standard possible.”

To complete the Bronze Level of the Duke of Edinburgh Award youngsters have to carry out a volunteer activity, take part an activity to improve health and physical fitness, develop a skill and take part in a two day and one-night expedition.

As part of their voluntary work Pool Academy students previously took part in a spring clean in the community.

They spent three months carrying out activities such as litter picking on local beaches and in parks.

Phil Jones