Budding Biologists win national science award

Budding biologists from Pool Academy are celebrating after being awarded certificates for high scores in a national science challenge.

Students from year 9 and 10 took part in the British Biology Challenge, hosted by the Royal Society of Biology, at the academy.

Around 36,000 youngsters from across the country took part in the challenge which saw them having to complete two 25 minute papers with questions that got increasingly harder.

The challenge tested students not only on what they had learnt at school but also on their expertise and understanding of the natural world.

The varied questions ranged from asking for the collective noun of a group of Rhinos to macro-physiological adaptations.

Pool Academy students ranked highly in the test, beating thousands of other students nationally, and will receive an award from the Royal Society of Biology for scoring in the top 30 per cent.

Mr Jones, a science teacher at Pool Academy, said: “It is a very hard challenge but they beat 36,000 other students in the UK.

“We are incredibly proud of our students and their success in this rigorous challenge.

“Competing in a national challenge such as this is no mean feat. Commendation needs to be given to all participants.

“The achievements of our students in this challenge are a testament to the on-going hard work of both them and their teachers."

Phil Jones