Minecraft, crime solving and 3D painting workshops at Pool Academy for learning festival

Pool Academy is due to host a learning festival with Minecraft, crime solving and 3D painting workshops.

The Accessibility Learning Festival is due to take place on Tuesday (June 13) for a selection of Year 5 to Year 8 students.

During the day there are plans for a Minecraft Education Edition workshop to take place encouraging youngsters to make a structure and then write instructions for others to follow.

Minecraft is a computer game using blocks to build adventures.

Other sessions include crime solving using QR codes and discovering computer coding with a pocket sized computer.

There will also be a 3D painting workshop where students use a digital pen to create images which they then learn to turn into 3D objects.

Pool Academy has seen five secondary schools already sign up for the morning sessions and six primary schools hoping to take part in the afternoon.

David Buckingham, from Pool Academy, said: “It promises to be a fantastic event.

“This is a new festival offered by the Tablet Academy and as such we are among the first schools in the country to host it.

“We are delighted to be welcoming the staff and students from our neighbouring primary and secondary schools too.”

The festival has been provided thanks to a partnership between Tablet Academy and BT Business Direct.

The free event is split into two workshop sessions, morning and afternoon, each lasting about two and a half hours.

The workshops are led by consultants from the Tablet Academy.

The one-day festival will take place at Pool Academy from 9.30am until 3.30pm.

Phil Jones