Pool Academy rated Good in glowing Ofsted report

Staff and students at Pool Academy are celebrating after being rated Good in a glowing Ofsted report.

Good quality of education, effective safeguarding and respectful, good-humoured behaviour were all noted by inspectors.

The inspectors highlighted that teachers ‘have ensured that the curriculum allows pupils to succeed in a wide variety of GCSE subjects’, as well as the ‘strong’ progress in Science and the ‘attention to detail’ that students pay to their work across the school.

Zelma Hill, Pool Academy Principal, said it was fantastic to get such good feedback from the inspectors.

The Ofsted report read: “You and your senior leaders are working hard, and successfully, to improve the quality of teaching across the school.  Staff at all levels support your steadfast conviction that pupils of all backgrounds will be welcomed and given the chance to do well academically.”

It also pointed out that teachers are ‘well motivated and readily pass on their enthusiasm to pupils’ and ‘Inspectors saw many examples of respectful, good-humoured behaviour both between pupils and between pupils and staff’.

The report read: “Pupils who spoke to us during the inspection, from all year groups, said they feel safe at school. Leaders convey strong messages to pupils about how to stay safe in a variety of situations, including internet safety.”

Safeguarding was judged to be effective.

The report also stated: “The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.”

Mrs Hill said she was encouraged to hear the Student Leadership is ‘proud of their school’ and of their uniform, which inspectors commented on as ‘immaculate’.

Mrs Hill said: “This is such a fantastic way to finish my career. Pool Academy is a great school and I am sure under Miss Meakin’s leadership the school will continue to strive for excellence.”

Frank Baker, Chair of Governors at the school, said: “The governors are delighted for Ofsted to confirm the Academy’s “Good” rating and to identify progress in many areas of curriculum. We are also pleased that Ofsted recognised that the Academy is passionate about maintaining the inclusive nature of the school, allowing all pupils to feel well supported and to make good progress as a result.

You can read the whole report here

Phil Jones