Charitable Pool Academy students given council awards

Charitable Pool Academy students have received community awards after impressing councillors with their fundraising.

Councillor Robert Drew, Chairman of Carn Brea Parish Council, visited Pool Academy recently to hand over the Awards for Local People.

The awards are presented to people from the community that the parish council feel are deserving.

Councillor Drew said: “Each year Carn Brea Parish Council looks to find and identify people from our community who have done exceptional things. Things which are for the benefit of others in our community. Things they didn’t have to do but which required special effort and real commitment.

“This year we wanted to especially highlight the effort and commitment shown by our young citizens.”

Councillor Drew said the three students, Thomas Marshall from Year 8, Emma Green from Year 9, and Harry Kessell from Year 7 were given an award each for their charitable work and fundraising efforts over the past year.

Last month members of Carn Brea Parish Council also presented Leona, from Year 11, the Marise Levenson Award in recognition of her charitable work in the community at the Annual Parish Meeting of Carn Brea Parish Council.

Leona, who is Head Girl at Pool Academy, was the first person to have ever received the award.
The award was to recognise an outstanding contribution by a young person to the local community through charitable acts or achievements.

She has helped fundraise for charity, carry out bag packs and donated a sensory board to Lower Curnow School.

Phil Jones