Pool Academy students play in beach cricket tournament

A group of students from Pool Academy have been congratulated on their efforts at a recent cricket tournament.

The Chance to Shine beach cricket event was held in Perranporth with about 18 schools taking part.

The different teams were encouraged to play a game of Beach 20, which saw teams having 20 balls per innings, giving everyone a chance to bat and bowl.

Sharon Bright, from Pool Academy, said: “The students did themselves proud playing six games taking 10 wickets and scoring over 70 runs during the day.

“Well done.”

National charity Chance to Shine provides Cornwall Cricket Board with money to help put on the events.

Joe Skinner, Cornwall Cricket Development Manager, said: “The beach cricket competition is one of many we run to get children enthused in the game.”

He said the idea was to get everyone involved and to have fun.

“There is no better place to play than on the beach,” he said. “We have held the event for the last six years for under 13 girls and under 13 boys.”

Chance to Shine is a national charity hoping to spread enthusiasm about cricket throughout schools and communities.

The charity takes the game to new places and uses it to ignite new passions, teach skills, unite diverse groups, and educate young people from Cornwall to Cardiff to County Durham.

 The charity is committed to giving all young people the chance to play, learn from and enjoy cricket.

Phil Jones