Pool Academy student praised for thoughtfulness

A Pool Academy student has been praised for her thoughtfulness after handing in a set of keys.

A woman, who lives near to the school, had been walking her dogs when she realised the keys had gone.

Grace Pellow-Firth, 8ADB, found the keys and handed them in to a member of staff much to the delight of the neighbour.

Later she sent an email to Zelma Hill, Pool Academy Principal, thanking Grace for her kindness.

The email read: “I would just like to thank your pupils for this kindness. It was a very thoughtful act.

“I did not get the pupils name but their actions have put your school in a very positive light.”

Grace, who is in Air House, was congratulated for helping the community.

Nigel Williams, Head of Air House at Pool Academy said: “Grace is constantly helping out and has done since the start of Year 7. She is a credit to herself, family and school.”