Pool Academy language students travel to Truro

Pool Academy students travelled to Truro to find inspiration into how to use their language skills in the future.

A group of Year 10 met with representatives from University of Bath, University of Exeter and Routes into Languages Consortium at Truro College.

They learnt what studying a languages degree at university involved, what opportunities there are for travelling during a year abroad, about meeting new people from different cultures and starting to network ready for a successful career.

The students then chose one working language and took part in practical workshops throughout the day. They were given different tasks to complete in small groups with the guidance and support of language specialists.

At the end of the day they shared their experiences and were given a certificate for completing the workshops.

Sophie Stevens, Head of Languages at Pool Academy, said: “This was a great chance for students to understand more about the opportunities of studying languages at college and university.

“Students particularly enjoyed hearing about the travel experiences of current college and university linguists.”