Landscape artist runs a digital and screen printing workshop

A landscape artist visited Pool Academy recently to run a digital and screen printing workshop.

Tony Minnion, from Redruth, shared his skills with 15 Year 9 GCSE Art students recently.

During the workshop Mr Minnion invited the children to create a self-portrait and then manipulate it by using Photoshop.

Conner Spurr.jpg
Billy Andrews.jpg

After distorting their faces with the computer programme they added different layers to the image.  They also incorporated cogs and circuits boards to their images to give them a ‘cyber face’.

Mrs Ellis, Pool Academy Art teacher, said: “The students screen printed their image onto fabric and mono printed pattern on up using vibrant colours.

“The screen printed image was scanned behind the original computer image to create these multi layered, textured designs which form the starting point for the students GCSE Art coursework.”


Mr Minnion’s workshops are community and educationally based and involve working with textiles which explore traditional and new technology.

His own paintings are a response to the landscape around him.

In the past he has collaborated with others from different art forms including writers, story tellers, photographers, performers, scientists, poets and more.


Christiana Richardson