Pool Academy launches Christmas competition

Christmas may be three months away but students have been invited to enter a festive card competition.

Staff at the school are looking for someone to design Pool Academy’s official 2017 Christmas card which will be sent out to governors and other officials.

Everyone is invited to take part and submit their ideas on how they think it should look. All entries will be judged by Principal Miss Meakin.

All ideas are welcome and could range anything from a painting to a sculpture or photograph.

The winner will see their creation professionally printed as well as being given an art set and achievement points.

The competition is being run by the academy’s art teacher Mrs Ellis.

She said: “This is the second time I have run the competition.

“Everyone who enters will get achievement points and Miss Meakin will pick the winning design.

“The card will then be sent out from the school to governors and others.”

Mrs Ellis said there was no set theme but it would have to be appropriate for a Christmas card.

She said: “I would like to see as many people as possible enter. It doesn’t have to be just art; it can be a collage or a 3D piece or something designed on a computer. It can be abstract.

“The competition is open to staff as well and if they win the achievement points can go to their house.”

The designs need to be handed into the art department by October 30. There will be a collection box for all entries.


christmas comp.jpg
Christiana Richardson