Successful meet and greet sessions with new principal at Pool Academy

Drop-in sessions held at the beginning of term to meet Pool Academy’s new Principal have been heralded a great success.

Principal Claire Meakin, who took over from Zelma Hill this term, met with new parents before and after school hours during the first two weeks of the year.

A number of parents turned up to grill her with questions.

Ali Eathorne, who’s child is in Year 10, said: “The drop in event was very friendly and relaxed. It was good to meet other parents in the same position as us.

“It provided an opportunity to put faces to names which will make contacting the school less daunting in the future.

“I feel this was a very successful event which I hope will be repeated."

Chris Harper, who has a child is in Year 7, said: “The event seemed to go really well. We had questions answered. It was good that they had an event like this on for the parents. The people who did go found it quite helpful, partly because it was informal and the staff were so welcoming.”

Miss Meakin said: “The sessions were a chance for parents to meet with me and talk about the Academy.

“The parents who came said the experience was really valuable so we're following this up with bookable sessions on October 10, 11 and 12.”

Parents are invited to book a time on one of the October dates to meet with Miss Meakin or one of the leadership team to discuss their child's progress across all subjects. 

Miss Meakin added: “We also hope to combine these discussions with live tours of the academy for parents who would like to see lessons in action.”