Pool Academy welcomes a new face into the classroom


Students at Pool Academy have been introduced to a new face in the science room this week.

An Axolotl, or Mexican Salamander, has taken up residence in the corner of SC5 after being kindly donated to the science department.

The shy creature is only a couple of months old but has already become a hit by helping Mr Jones teach Biology and Aquatics.

Mr Jones said the little amphibian has helped him to teach a class about exchange of materials.

The small, black/ grey creature is still getting used to its surroundings and has spent its time hiding in a little hollow log inside its tank.

 The Axolotl has yet to be named and Mr Jones is thinking of running a competition for students to come up with the best name for it.

Axolotl live in the wild in lakes in Mexico and eat small fish and worms.

Christiana Richardson