Students learn how to create showstopping cakes

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As popular TV show The Great British Bake Off hits our screens again students at Pool Academy have been learning how to make showstoppers of their own.

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Year 9 Food Technology class members have been whipping up icing to learn tricks of the trade in cake decorating.

Teacher Sam Strana decorated some cakes at the beginning of the week to demonstrate how to use different techniques including piping and feathering.

Students were then allowed to get their creative juices flowing by choosing colours and flavours for toppings and cakes.

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Some admitted they had never iced cakes before and after a lesson of learning the skill had resolved they would try again at home.

Mrs Strana said: “Students have been learning decorating using butter cream and glace icing. I showed them how to do a few techniques like piping and feathering and they then had a go themselves.

“In Year 7 and 8 the students focus on healthy eating so in Year 9 we start to do a lot more with cakes including making Swiss Rolls and decorating.”

She said there were more boys than girls taking cookery classes this year.

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She said the classes were a good starting point for a future career in food and in the past students had gone on to take up apprenticeships with bakers and join catering courses.

Abbie, who was using pink icing for her sponge cakes, said: “I do baking at home. I am going to take home the ones I have made today to show my parents. I think they will be impressed. I would like to do this again at home.”

Cooper was crafting animal faces for the tops of his cakes. He said: “I do like to bake out of school. I go to my auntie’s house to decorate cakes. I also like making Victoria sponges.

“Tonight I am going to go home and make a ladybird cake.”

Jordan used chocolate cookies in his icing. He said: “This is the first time I have decorated cakes. It is going well. I might eat them all afterwards.”

Ben decorated his cakes with butter cream.

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He said: “This was my first time decorating and I did enjoy it. I think I will do it again.

“I like watching the Bake Off and I think Paul Hollywood might like mine. I am going to take my cakes home to show my family.”

Christiana Richardson