Buzz the Bear Competition winners have an amazingly creative day

Competition winners from six primary schools had an amazingly creative day when they visited Pool Academy.

The school launched a competition earlier this term to find a reporter, presenter, engineer and designer to help send their mascot back into space.

The winners were invited to a creative day yesterday (Sept 27) where they put their winning ideas into practice.

Experts from Textile Trophies, in Pool Business Park, offered their professional help to those who had designed a new t-shirt for the school mascot.

Young engineers created gadgets and designs to put up on the box that will go up in space tonight (Sept 28).

A green screen was put up for budding presenters who were filmed reading their scripts and others were seen writing up newspaper reports.

Sharon Teague, from Rosemellin Primary School, said: “The pupils enjoyed it and it was a really amazing day. Even I found it amazing.

“It was really well organised.”

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “It was a brilliant day, the pupils were all so excited and had a lovely day.”

Jason Webb, Assistant Principal at Pool Academy, said: “We had six primary schools at Pool Academy working collaboratively which was amazing to see.

“The pupils all enjoyed the day.

“It was great to have Trophy Textiles come into school and help the children with t-shirt designs. We valued having their expertise. We learnt new skills including etching out the t-shirt design.

Katherine Francis, from Pool Academy, helped pupils write newspaper reports.

She said: “They really enjoyed finding out how Buzz would be sent on his newest adventure and about the technology involved. They created some fantastic articles and worked well as a team to discuss ideas.”

Phil Jones, Pool Academy’s Head Geek, said: “It was a great day with our Buzz competition winners from our partner primaries.

“Their work will be on display at mission control tomorrow when Buzz takes flight.”

All the pupils were sent home with their own Buzz the Bear toy and invited back to watch tonight’s launch.