Bricks needed for LEGO therapy

A call has been made for people to donate old, unwanted LEGO for new projects at Pool Academy.

Rachael Facey, school’s SENDCo, wants to help children hold an after school LEGO club on Thursdays as well as run LEGO therapy sessions.

She believes allowing students to take part in such activities could help boost confidence and encourage them to make friends.

But she doesn’t have any bricks.

She has already written to the toy company LEGO to see if they will make a donation to the school but she also hopes family, friends and the community will help by bringing in any unwanted bricks.

Rachael Facey, school’s SENDCo, calling for Lego donations.

Rachael Facey, school’s SENDCo, calling for Lego donations.

She said: “I want to set up LEGO therapy to will help with teamwork for ASD students and those with anxiety.

“We need bricks, all sorts of shapes and sizes and the bases to build on. If anyone has children who have stopped playing with theirs then please gather it all together and donate it.

 “If anyone has any lying about in the house, any that is no longer wanted or played with then please bring it into Pool Academy.”

A collection box will be set up in the school’s main reception for any donations brought into the school.

She said a number of small projects will be set up using the Lego and each term there will be a different theme; anything from dinosaurs to space.

Racheal said: “The LEGO projects will offer a calm side and a social side.

“LEGO has always been a good creative outlet and the therapy will be in the social aspect because they will not be doing it in isolation. It is quite exciting to have Lego therapy at Pool Academy but we do need to have the bricks.”

Anyone wishing to donate Lego bricks, models, baseplates etc. please drop them off at reception.

Christiana Richardson