New careers clinic already a success

A new careers clinic at Pool Academy has been heralded a success after many sign up.

Nikki Grenfell, Careers Advisor at the school, has started the clinic after discovering a number of students were keen to learn more about their futures.

The clinic runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm-4pm. It is a space created for people to come and talk about their future careers, get information about how to create a CV and receive help with college applications.

Both parents and students are invited to use the clinic and a number of people have already shown an interest.

Nikki said: “It is going really, really well.  We have had students coming to the clinic already and it has only just started up.

“At the moment it has mainly been people from Year 11 attending. Ideally I would like it to be open for Year 10s to help with their work experience.

“People have been popping in at break times and lunch times but I haven’t had enough time to see them all. I started the clinic to give them an opportunity to speak with me.

“I also have parents who want to come in with the students as well.

“The clinics are relaxed and there are refreshments of tea, coffee, juice and biscuits. People can ask me anything. I am here to support them and their decisions for when them move on from Pool Academy to either an apprenticeship or stay in education.

“They can ask questions and I can go and find out information for them.”

Christiana Richardson