Students practice before national gaming competition kick off

Pool Academy students have been practising hard before the start of a national gaming competition.

Teams of three from across the school have been using their lunch times to up their game as they practice for the Esports Tournament run by The Digital Schoolhouse.


The students will be battling it out against each other using the computer game Overwatch.

Each team will go against each other and the winning team will be the one who doesn’t lose their lives in the virtual world.

The top team could then be taken to Bristol on March 12 to take part in the regional finals.

Tim Bareham, IT teacher, said: “The students are using their lunchtimes to get used to the controls. People have played the game before on PlayStation or X Box but we are using the school computers.

“The students have had a week and a half of practice.”

Mr Bareham believes the best way to win the games is good team work.


“The team that wins overall will be the team that plays best together,” he said.

The Esports tournament has been created to introduce students to careers education for the video games industry.

The tournament will be split into three heats. The first runs in schools until March 1. The second is the regional qualifiers in March and the third will be a Grand Final event during April 1-15 during London Games Festival. A presentation ceremony will be held in Trafalgar Square on April 5.


Christiana Richardson