Pool Academy students to appear in Hall for Cornwall’s Pantomime

Two Pool Academy students took part in this year’s Pantomime at the Hall for Cornwall.

panto (1).jpg

Year 10 students Evie and Holly  joined the cast of Sleeping Beauty to tread the boards alongside actors Edward ‘Kernow King’ Rowe and Granville Saxton.

The show ran throughout December and Evie said she performed every other night.

She is acted in a number of roles including a villager. Holly is also played a villager

Evie has been rehearsing hard from 4pm until 9pm since November.

She said: “The first night was on December 5th. It was fun. There was a small crowd but it was a good atmosphere and the crowds did shout ‘they’re behind you’.

“I do get a little bit nervous but then I just go with the flow.

“I have met all the cast including Granville and the Kernow King who are funny. We had a onesie day where we all had to rehearse in our onesies.

“This is the third time I have been in a pantomime at Hall for Cornwall. I have had to audition each time to get one of the children’s parts.

“I like acting. I have always liked it. I also like singing and dancing.”

The pantomime told the tale of Princess Rose who had been cursed to sleep for eternity. Someone was needed to defeat the dragon and wake up the sleeping beauty with a kiss.

Christiana Richardson