Pool Academy donates bags of food to local charity

Pool Academy students collected 10 bags full of donated items for the local foodbank to
help people over Christmas.

The Year 9 Citizenship group had been learning about local charities last term and wanted to
help the hungry during the festive season.

A donation station was placed in the school’s main reception where people could drop
items off for the CPR Foodbank charity.

In a few days enough items were donated to fill 10 bags full which were given to the
foodbank on the last day of term – only a few days before Christmas.

Miss Conway-Baker, Pool Academy teacher, said: “We donated 10 bags of food for the
foodbank. The donation box was overflowing by the time I took it on the last day of school. 

“The amount of support we had for the foodbank drive was fantastic. We handed over a
large amount of much-wanted items for those who were in need over the festive period.

“Students, parents and staff got behind the idea and our class were amazed at their

She said the class were impressed to hear of all the work the volunteers do at the foodbank
and hoped they could get involved too in the future.

Miss Conway-Baker said she would like to take a class trip to there at some point so students
can volunteer.

Don Gardner MBE, Director of Operations Transformation CPR, said: “It was great to receive the donated food from the students of Pool Academy for our Santa Meal appeal. To remember those who find it difficult to have a Christmas in the CPR area shows a sense of care from these young people.

“We provided 1,200 Christmas lunches and 625 presents to families in our area. Your gifts and support was certainly welcomed.”

Items are always welcomed at CPR Foodbank but they need to have a date that is at least a
couple of months ahead such as tins, pasta or dried fruit.

CPR stands for Camborne, Pool and Redruth and its foodbank can provide up to 10,000
meals every month for people.

Phil Jones