Students discover ‘Ghost Island’ on kayak trip

A group of students from Pool Academy were taken on an art kayak trip which saw them discovering ‘Ghost Island’.

A special after-school trip took place on the non-tidal waters of Trevassack, near Hayle, which was a flooded quarry.

Artist Adam Chodzko brought Ghost, a vessel created to paddle passengers around natural environments.

Adam gave each of the students a trip around the waters. They were asked to stay still, look and listen carefully to their surroundings. 

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Jonty Lees, from Pool School Art Gallery, said the weather was lovely and warm for the event.

 “The students loved it,” he said. “There was an island in the middle of the flooded quarry so Adam paddled each person over to it.

“The children on the island were given an activity to build flags. They named the island ‘Ghost Island’.”

One student who took part in the trip said: “It was very exciting. We stayed on a little island for the evening and went in the kayak. It felt very serene. I have never done anything like that before. I liked the toasted marshmallows.”

Paul Parkinson, Centre Manager and Safety Officer for Educational Visits for Cornwall Outdoors, was also on the trip.

Mr Lees said: “Paul said outdoor activities were wonderful for children’s confidence and when young people get involved in activities like this it has a huge effect.

“The trip went really, really well.”

 This opportunity was organised by the Groundwork learning programme.

Groundwork is supported by funding through Arts Council England’s Ambition for Excellence scheme. 

Adam Chodzko has been taking passengers out on many locations in Ghost since 2010.

Christiana Richardson