The Woodland Trust offers Pool Academy new hedges

The Woodland Trust has offered Pool Academy new hedges to spruce up its grounds.

It is hoped the new greenery will arrive at the school by mid-November this year. They are part of the Trust’s schools’ tree pack.

There were a number of different packs available to choose from including Hedges, Year-round colour, Copse and Wild harvest.

Pool Academy have been promised a number of saplings to plant hedges in the grounds.

The academy had to apply for the greenery and when the application was accepted it was also awarded two Green Tree Schools Award points.

Schools are given points after completing environmental activities. When the points are added up the schools involved are awarded bronze, silver and gold levels. The top award is platinum.

Phil Jones, Head of Academy Services, said: “I think it is fantastic to have been given the saplings which will further enhance our wonderful grounds.

“It is a great project which could lead to more interest in our outdoor learning at Pool Academy. We hope we can continue to work with the support of the Woodlands Trust.”

Christiana Richardson