Rugby players’ success

PE teachers at Pool Academy were ‘over the moon’ with the results of a recent student rugby match.

A group of Year 7 and Year 10 boys played against Richard Lander School recently. The Year 7s came away with a great score against such a big school. They drew 15-15.

Year 10s also did very well with a win of 35-33.

Tom Ford, PE teacher at Pool Academy, said: “Staff in the PE department were over the moon with the Year 7 and 10 boys for their performance versus Richard Lander. 

“The Year 10's pulled off one of the greatest wins I've ever seen with only 13 players against Richards Lander's 15. To top it off, it was a cup game so we're through to the next round.”

Tyler Williams was crowned Man of the Match for the Year 10 game.

Emily Cromey, Head of Faculty for Art, Music, Drama and PE, said: “Well done to all the students who took part in Rugby matches.

“We have so many talented sports people at Pool Academy and it is always wonderful to hear about their successes. They are a credit to the school as well as a credit to themselves for their hard work and dedication in training.”

Mr Ford said the sporting success was not just on the rugby pitch. He said the Year 9 girls’ netball team were still undefeated in their matches and were looking forward to continuing their strong season.

Christiana Richardson