Community pledges to support Pool Academy

Parents and officials have pledged to support Pool Academy after attending a community session meeting.

Scores of people representing a cross section of the community attended the event last week including employers in the area, a parish councillor representing Camborne, Pool, Illogan and Redruth, a community link officer, primary head teachers, former students, parents and prospective parents.

Together with Pool Academy Principal, Claire Meakin, the group discussed how they could help boost the learning of students and benefit the community as a whole.

They worked though the Academy Development Plan which aims to secure excellent results for all students, support happy and healthy students and continue effective communication.

During the evening meeting members also made their pledges to the school which included working to help young people learn about the world of work, offer them new skills and help spread the news about activities run at academy.

During the evening meeting members said they would love to use the school as a community hub after school hours.

Miss Meakin said: “The meeting was just the start of the conversation.

“The breadth of knowledge and skills in the room was incredible.

“We want the school, home and community to work together to see students thrive.

“It was a brilliant meeting and it was really nice to have honest contributions from everyone who attended.

“I am determined that this will make a significant difference.”

Miss Meakin said the plan will be regularly reviewed and all interested parties will be able to find out about the progress being made.

At the end of the event, Miss Meakin reminded everyone about the Friends of Pool Academy meeting scheduled for  6pm on October 16, along with the CPIR Network Panel Meeting on November 13 at 7pm, both held at Pool Academy, where she looks forward to continuing the discussions about community partnerships.

Christiana Richardson