Theatre group helps guide students' next steps

A theatre group performed a play at Pool Academy designed to help students with their next steps.

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Three actors from Barbican Theatre performed a piece called ‘Why Would You?’ which told the story of young people thinking about going into higher education.

It took place on Thursday last week in the school’s main hall for Year 9. The aim of the production was to help students start thinking about their own situations and their future options.

Students were then invited to take part in a drama workshop for an hour after the performance. The session was run to help boost confidence and teach more about higher education issues.

After a warm up exercise the group was asked to create a sketch in 10 minutes to tell people three key facts about student loans. They were asked to do it in the style of a soap opera, a science fiction film a thriller or a western movie.

The initiative was funded by Next Steps South West.

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A spokesman from NSSW said: “The play is designed to raise awareness of the barriers that stop young people from going on to higher education.”

Yasmin England, Pool Academy, said: “The students really enjoyed it. It was really good and very informative.”

The Barbican is an independent theatre based in Plymouth.

Christiana Richardson