Students create art at Heartlands

A group of budding artists got out their paints at Heartlands to create a portrait of President Trump eating a pasty.

The students from Pool Academy were invited to take part in a workshop with graffiti artist Cosmic recently.

trumpart (1).JPG

They were taught new techniques of painting and after nearly four hours their art piece was complete.

It will now go up on display outside in the North American gardens section of Heartlands.

Shelley Brennan, from Pool Academy, went with the group.

She said: “The students enjoyed it. It was really good and the girls got stuck into it.

“They used acrylics and spray paint.

“They painted Trump on a totem pole. They decided to make him eat a pasty because that was the food of the miners in Cornwall.

“We were there for about four hours and they were painting for about three and half of those hours.

 “The girls enjoyed it and thought it was funny to wear the masks.”

Last term a different group of students were asked to transform a board into a graffiti art piece to show the link and influence Cornwall had in South Africa during the mining era.

trumpart (2).JPG
Christiana Richardson