Pool Academy joins in with worthwhile event

Pool Academy’s school mascot visited Heartlands to join in with a worthwhile event raising awareness about mental health.

Heartlands Cornwall and Heartlands Parkrun invited people to take part in their Run, Walk and Talk event to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day on October 11.

Buzz at the event

Buzz at the event

More than 80 people arrived to take part including Pool Academy’s mascot Buzz the Bear. At 6pm the group started on their mission to walk or run loops around the park.

The event was all inclusive and saw young and old people as well as pet dogs taking part together.

A member of staff from Pool Academy went along with Buzz the Bear. They said: “It was a sunny, dry evening and everyone was in good spirits. It was nice to meet up alongside others and walk together in solidarity for those who suffer from mental health.

“It was a lovely, happy event and some children loved seeing Buzz too. I look forward to taking part with others in the future.”

Some runners at the event

Some runners at the event

A spokesperson for Heartlands Parkrun said: “We deliberately kept the event low key and were amazed by the amount of people that turned up. We had 85 in total and there were lots of families and people with dogs and many of them were new faces to Heartlands Parkrun. 

“Lots of people stayed afterwards for a coffee and chat in the Red River Cafe and those I spoke to said it had been a very good, friendly and worthwhile event.”

Heartlands Parkrun hope to hold another event in February as part of the Tine to Change week.

Christiana Richardson