Students start to carve out their career paths

Students have begun learning how to plot their futures and carve out their career paths thanks to an internet tool on their iPads.

careerpilot (2).JPG

Next Steps South West visited Pool Academy this week to help members of Year 9 use CareerPilot.

The website allows students to browse different careers and discover pathways to get there. They can also learn about the hours required and the salaries given for the positions.

Anyone still perplexed about their future choices were also invited to take part in an online quiz too.

The sessions at Pool Academy were run by Nick Worley from Next Steps South West. He had brought along a student from Exeter University studying a postgrad at Penryn and a student from Truro College studying with a view to work at a museum in Birmingham.  The two explained their career journeys to help inspire the Year 9s.

Mr Worley told students: “In 18 months’ time you will be thinking about what you are going to be doing at college. CareerPilot is a careers tool. If you register on to it you can look at the different kinds of jobs available.”

Yasmin England, from Pool Academy, said: “The students were really good in the session and they found it very informative.”

CareerPilot can be found at


Christiana Richardson