Art students travel to Truro

A group of students from Pool Academy travelled to Truro to meet an artist and learn about his work.

Ten children from the academy were taken to the Royal Cornwall Museum recently for the ARTiculation Discovery Day.

The students worked with others from Brannel, Penair and Liskead Schools to discuss three significant artworks in the Gallery by three artists; Kurt Jackson, Bernard Leach and Terry Frost. 

During the day Kurt Jackson spoke to the children about one of his paintings on display called The Waves of Cornish Resourcefulness and Innovation.


Students also researched a piece of work to make into a short presentation.

Lynne Spencer, Art teacher at Pool Academy, said: “Kurt Jackson explained how he created his large mixed media painting from a variety of paints, old clothing, sacking, charcoal and granite.

“Students had the opportunity to ask him questions about his work in general. They were surprised to hear that often he was inspired by a poem and in particular the work of Ted Hughes and how in his work he likes to capture the identity and the culture of an area.

“I was very proud of our Pool Academy students when they were making their presentations to not only other students but also the organisers from ARTiculation and Gallery curators from across Cornwall.”

The ARTiculation Prize has been created to encourage young people to look, think and speak about art for people aged between 14 and 23 years old.

Christiana Richardson