Cornwall Wildlife Trust works with Pool Academy

Cornwall Wildlife Trust is running a project with students to help them become more beach safety aware and discover potential ocean-related careers.

A group of Year 8 children from Pool Academy is taking part in the five week course from the Trust.


The course started at the beginning of term and students have been spending time from 11.10am until 1.10pm learning about a number of coast-related topics.

Last week they learnt about the different flags on the beach as well as how to spot a rip tide.

This week they were due to take part in mock interviews similar to those that would be conducted in real-life coast-related careers.

Siobhan said: “This week’s session was focused on career opportunities, for example ocean-based careers such as life guarding or an apprenticeship in life saving. It was also about getting students to think about the different opportunities. We will be thinking about the steps towards that in a fun way.

“It is good to make the students realise what is available on the coast.”

The class members are also creating their own vision boards which Siobhan hopes will be added to over the course.

The course is called Your Shore Beach Rangers and is funded by the Big Lottery Fund Partnership with Cornwall College.

Christiana Richardson