Homemade soup from home-grown vegetables

Students at Pool Academy cooked up a treat when they picked some of their home-grown vegetables for a hearty meal.

Members of the school’s Nurture group were getting busy in the kitchen recently rustling up a treat.

As part of their Royal Horticultural Society’s level four gardening certificate the students were required to make a meal out of the vegetables they had been tending to over the last few months.

They decided to create a tomato and vegetable soup which also included beans, peppers, courgettes and herbs.

Katherine Francis, from Pool Academy, said: “The students enjoyed picking the tomatoes, beans, peppers, courgettes and herbs they had grown themselves and made a delicious soup with them.

“They all tried it, even the ones who said they didn’t like vegetables, and were surprised it was pretty tasty. 
“It went really well and they had enough ingredients to fill four saucepans. They even had some left over which they decided to give to Miss Meakin. 
“It was great being able to make fresh soup using raw ingredients and students were surprised at how easy it was to make. 
“All in all it was fun.”

soup (3).JPG
Christiana Richardson