Student returns to his former primary school to promote Pool Academy

A student walked down memory lane when he visited his former primary school to promote life at Pool Academy


Nick Dumbleton, Year 8, travelled to Treloweth School recently with fellow student Kaitlin to talk to pupils about life after Year 6.

During the afternoon Mr Durant, Head of Year 8 at Pool Academy, also performed a special magic trick where he made a pencil disappear – although he really just tucked it behind his ear.

Nick said walking back down his old school’s corridors was something he didn’t think he would ever do again after moving up to secondary school.

“Kaitlin and I stood up in front of all the Year 6 pupils and told them what it is like at Pool Academy,” Nick said. “We told them it would be ok when they move up to secondary school.

“We also took questions about what it would be like for them if they chose to come and have lessons at Pool Academy. We told them about our favourite activities.

“I am quite a social person so I enjoyed talking to them. I remembered some of the children from when I went to the school. They were in year 4 when I was in Year 6.

“I told them when they go to secondary school they will get to make new friends.

“Going back to my old school was a bit sad as I remembered all the corridors and I missed it a bit.”

Christiana Richardson