Two students have been selected for a county football team

Two students from Pool Academy have been selected to play in a county football team after successful trials.


Ned and Ben, both Year 8, took part in a number of trials over the last couple of weeks for the West Cornwall under 13 team.

The trials started on the Monday and continued on the Friday before half term, they then went on during half term.

Ned played against 20 others to secure his place as Left Wing and Ben beat off five others to become the goalie.

They are now practising every other Friday at Mounts Bay Academy and playing games on the other Fridays.

Their first match with the West Cornwall team was against the Plymouth Argyle Under 13s team.

The boys will now be travelling to Yeovil to take part in an away game.

Ben said he has been playing football since he was five years old.

 “Taking part in the trials was different and nerve wrecking but also quite fun,” he said. “I am so proud I was chosen to be the goalie.

“We get to play on bigger pitches and the goals are bigger.”

Ned, who also competes in BMX racing, said: “It was quite hard to get through. I was chosen for the provisional squad and then chosen for the West Cornwall squad.

“We play in 11 aside instead of 9 aside which makes it a bit easier.

“During the trials we had to wear a suit to go into the changing rooms and then changed into our kit with our numbers on.”

Christiana Richardson