Pool Academy plans to support Children in Need  

Plans are afoot for students to take part in Children in Need fundraising this November.

The BBC charity is calling on people across the county to take part in activities to help raise cash. This year events will run from 12th-16th of November.

Chris Jadav, teacher at Pool Academy, said her class was keen to do something to raise cash. They are now planning fundraisers with ideas including holding a bake sale, making Christmas cards/ arts and crafts, hold a guess the name of the teddy activity, guess the number of sweets in the jar and maybe even a sponging a teacher game.

The Head of Years have also said they are hoping to do something during the week but have yet to reveal their plans.

Ali Durant, Head of Year 8 and PE teacher, said he’d be interested in running a sponsored event using equipment in the academy’s new fitness suite.

children in need.JPG

Children in Need provides grants to more than 2,000 projects across the UK to help a range of different disadvantages.

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “It is wonderful to see our students at Pool Academy are thinking of others by asking to hold fundraising events.

“We have a collection box on reception if any members of the community wanted to make a donation.”

Christiana Richardson